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Blind People Who Wear Glasses or Sunglasses

How come some blind people wear glasses or sunglasses if they're blind anyway?

Most blind people (about 85%) have some residual vision. Depending on how much and what kind of residual vision they have, powerful lenses or shaded lenses may help them make the most of the vision they have. For example, someone whose eyes are light sensitive or whose eyes have trouble adjusting to new light levels may benefit from sunglasses. Someone who has extremely blurry vision may be able to use very powerful lenses to make their vision useful at a more comfortable distance. Some totally blind people like to wear sunglasses to take the focus off their eyes or to protect their face from obstacles such as hanging tree branches when walking or cabinet doors when walking around the kitchen.


  1. I use sunglasses indoors as well as outdoors. Not because I need it(outdoors I do), but because I feel safer hiding behind the lens while using the cane. They can't see me, I feel, but I can see them. It's weird but it's true.

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