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Driving, Sexuality, Schooling, and Capitalization

Can deaf people drive?

Yes. Deaf people can drive. Just think of when you're in your car driving with the music on full blast, or with all the windows closed. That mutes out a lot of outside sounds but you still manage to drive just fine. The same goes for a deaf person. Deaf drivers are also in the habit of checking their mirrors more often for emergency vehicle lights. Deaf people are statistically safer drivers than hearing drivers because of their heightened visual awareness.

Do deaf, blind, and deafblind people have sex?

Deaf, blind, and deafblind are no different than the rest of the population. Deaf/blind people have the same range of sexuality and sex drive as the general population.

Why are the words "Deaf," "Blind," or "DeafBlind" sometimes capitalized?

"Deaf" with a capital D denotes a cultural identity surrounding a signed language and a set of cultural norms separate from the mainstream local culture. Deaf people who capitalize the D see their deafness as more than just a physiological state, also as an identity. The same applies for DeafBlind people, and for some Blind people, who, while sharing a language in common with the mainstream, may feel part of a smaller community.

Do deaf or blind people go to special schools for the deaf and blind?

Some do and some don't. Some deaf students thrive better in a school specifically targeted towards deaf/hard of hearing students. Some blind students also thrive better in a school for the blind, although nowadays it's more common for students with multiple disabilities including blindness to attend a school for the blind. Most students whose only disability is blindness go to a mainstream school.

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