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How do totally blind people find braille signs?


I know that signs for bathrooms, exits, elevators, etc., have the braille under the regular writing, but how does a blind person find the braille in the first place?! Especially when they don't have someone with them. Then you wouldn't need the braille anyways, just ask the person what it says. That always confused me.


They're always in the same place, either on the door or right next to the door at shoulder-height. Blind people learn to sweep the door and the wall with their hand to find the sign and then the braille on the sign.


  1. I loved your posts. I've started my own blog 2 months ago and already had a lot of viewers. I hope you you may enjoy what I have written as well. :)

  2. Hey! I am excited to find out one thing, of course if that's not too much to ask could you be so kind and please share with us where you grew up?

  3. Anonymous8/18/2014

    We are getting better with help for disabled people. We must continue.

  4. Such useful blog to have a better understanding of the lives of people who are blind, deaf or visually impaired. The company I work for sponsors a 15 year old student who is blind. They got him these glasses for visual disability to help him cope with his vision loss. This camera attachment works best when snapped on to an eyeglasses. It can read any text whether it be an email or a street sign. So far, he seems happy with this blind assistive technology as he regains his independence.


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